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Chief Executive’s word:

Engineering is our greatest motive towards embodying the meaning of professionalism and leadership in the furniture and artwork sector. This could be achieved by a qualified team capable of making a difference and building a distinguished entity than what we are used to in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Bearing the power to renovate, the motive to innovate, and the technical spirit; all according to international standards, unique quality, and trust that starts within us and reaches you.

About Algo:

 The Algorithms that Created the Difference!

Algo was established in 2021 A.D with a combination of the young energies passionate about design and the revolution of modern technology, that combination created furniture pieces in a modern style and with the highest quality of natural and manufactured wood; through algorithm equations and a creative and clear vision of the market requirements and challenges. All that so Algo could produce products able to upgrade the concept of industrial arts to a further level.

 Nature’s Beauty in Artistic Shapes!

Algo introduces a unique shopping experience inspired by the effect of climate factors of the nature surrounding us, starting from sand dunes in the Saudi desert to the zigzags on stones and their patterns, ending with the dynamics of vortex and waves in restless environments.

 Creativity in Designing and Technology Brilliance!

In a rapid world such as ours today! Both creativity in designing and modern technology are joined together to achieve the highest standards of quality and sustainability.


Our vision is to find innovative ways based on scientific algorithms to highlight the aesthetic details in our environment.


Our mission is to deliver designs and industries based on the usage of the latest technologies according to the highest quality standards.


  • Innovation

We strive to create an environment that promotes innovative capabilities.

  • Quality

We operate according to the highest standards that guarantee the best results.

  • Authenticity

We are distinguished by the uniqueness of combining legacy and novelty.

  • Continues Development

Our concern is to improve the products to cope with the rapidly changing world.